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  • Asset Management

    Austin Bizmart provides asset management services to companies, financial institutions, and governement entities of all types and sizes to maximize the value of their surplus assets. By properly managing your surplus asset portfolio, we can help your company generate cash to pay down debt or reinvest in growing parts of your business. We offer the same services to financial institutions with a focus on mitigating losses in a timely manner.

  • Auction & Demolition Advisory

    If you are auctioning assets or engaging a demolition project, we can help you maximize the value received for your assets. Many times high value items pass through an auction or a demolition project without the rightful owners understanding the value of these items. Bring Bizmart in prior to your auction or demolition project so we can help you identify the value of the assets while maximize your return.

  • Liquidations/Emergency Moves

    Bizmart will buy your commercial equipment for cash. We buy in bulk and are available for emergency moves. So please don’t hesitate to contact us about the assets you have for sale so we can turn them into cash.

  • Resellers & Contractors

    Austin Bizmart offers its entire inventory to resellers and contractors at wholesale prices. The more you buy the cheaper we can sell to you. If you see something in our inventory that one of your customer’s needs, please don’t hesitate to make us an offer at a profitable price for you. 

  • Consignment

    Austin Bizmart can sell your equipment through its various distribution channels (showroom, internet, auction, wholesale) while getting you market value for your equipment in a timely fashion. Please contact us for more information.

  • Financing

    Our sister company, Co-op Capital provides equipment financing, advisory, and capital to small businesses. These services are complementary to our asset management arrangement with your company.