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Austin Bizmart's mission is to help small business owners realize their dreams by providing productive equipment and related services that save or make your business money.

Austin Bizmart provides asset management, auction and demolition advisory, liqudation and emergency move, and consigment services to companies, financial institutions, and government entities of all types and sizes to maximize the value of their surplus assets. By properly managing your surplus asset portfolio, we can help your company generate cash to pay down debt or reinvest in growing parts of your business. We also have special programs for resellers and contractors, so please inquire.

Bizmart will buy your commercial equipment for cash. We buy in bulk and are available for liquidations and emergency moves. So please don’t hesitate to contact us about the assets you have for sale so we can turn them into cash.

We strive to provide you a world class shopping experience at all times. So, if we don't meet your expectations, please contact me personally.

Robert Iverson, CEO